Professionally Made Custom Wood Prints : Print Photos on Wood

A PixiWood Print is a unique way to display your photos. We take pride in ensuring everyone enjoys their PixiWood Experience. We are confident that you will enjoy your piece.
  • Eco Friendly Fade Resistant Inks
  • Printed Directly onto Wood
  • Ready to hang directly out of the box

PixiWood Wood Prints : Personalized Gift Ideas

Pixiwood is much more than printing photos, we preserve you’re your memories in a truly unique way. Everything from the craftsmanship of the wood canvas to the vibrant colors on top is what makes PixiWood so special. Our prints make a great gift for any occasion. Wedding, Holidays, Birthdays, Valintines day, Mother/Fathers days, Whatever the occasion. Displaying your images on wood makes that moment in time something special. Not only are our vibrant in color and crisp, they come ready to hang with our signature keyhole rout. If you cannot decide on a photo, you can choose from our wood printing gift cards.

Elevate Your Photos : Prints on Wood

When you print your photos on wood you are creating a beautiful and lasting piece of artwork that commemorates your most favorite memories. That’s why we go the extra step to ensure you receive a one-of-a-kind masterpiece you can be proud of. We do not use white ink when printing. Since there is no white ink, the areas that are normally white allow for the natural beauty of the birch wood grain to show through the image. That’s what makes our wood prints so unique. Adding depth and an almost unique look to each image. No two images are alike!

PixiWood : Custom Wood Prints When you print your photos on wood with Pixiwood you can rest assure knowing that its being done in the most eco-friendly way. Pixiwood uses high quality very VOC environmentally friendly inks that pair with the sustainable wood. It truly is something unique. Our wood prints are able to stand up to the elements. Being able to was them with a soapy dish soaped rag. We’ve been working on our process for a while and are very satisfied with the durability we’ve been able to achieve. Our prints are vibrant, durable and classy. Our Wood prints are printed on FSC certified birch wood!

PixiWood : Premier Wood Printing Service Based in New York City

Here at PixiWood we’ve been helping clients in and around New York with all their wood printing needs. We have the capabilities to assist with any scope project that you may have. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist with your project.

At Pixiwood we have true knack for printing on wood. We take pride in turning our customers’ designs and photos into unique one-of-a-kind custom wood prints. We print photos of memorable occasions, artwork and even multiple point-of-purchase (POP) displays directly onto wood. Printing on wood is really cool. The variations in the wood grain add an almost vintage quality to your print. Each woodprint has its own individual look that cannot be duplicated, a true one-of-a-kind custom print on an organic wood canvas printed with eco-friendly inks. We have worked with some great people and have impressed them with what we’ve been able to create for them. 
We hope you enjoy your PixiWood experience!