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PixiWood : Wood Printing and Prints on Wood

PixiWood prints onto wood using your photographs.

here Pixiwood is a photo lab based in New York specializing in Wood Printing. We print eco-friendly ink directly onto a custom handcrafted wood canvas with our signature process to create a truly unique piece of art. We were born in Brooklyn, NYC. PixiWood was, we weren’t. We were actually born in Michigan. But we moved to Brooklyn and thought of the idea and put it all together in Brooklyn. New York City is an amazing place filled with an abundance of creativity. Brooklyn offers us the ability to work with other creative people and is the perfect place to develop their wood printing projects.

Currently we print on birch wood.

buy Pregabalin online eu We hand select the pieces we feel would look the best. We then have a five-step preprint process that entails sanding, treating, and prepping before print to ensure the ink lays down nice and even. The ink we use is an eco-friendly, fade resistant ink that is durable. The ink is printing directly on the wood and is held there with a special process that embeds the ink into the wood. This process ensures that the woodprints are resilient to scratching, the sun and even water.

PixiWood was created out of necessity.

When we moved to Brooklyn, our picture frames were damaged. Tired of buying frames we started to think of other ways to print and display our photos. With over 20 years of printing experience we decided to do it ourselves. We were printing our photos on many different substrates, and for some reason we decided to try wood. There was no way of knowing how cool it would really look. We just did it because it could be done. First we printed on pine. The image looked okay and people said it was “neat”. We were not satisfied with neat, but we knew we were onto something.

After discovering how nice the image looked on birch we realized had the right wood. We tried a couple different tactics of printing on wood until we found a process where we print the image directly onto the wood. The ink we used was durable enough to withstand common everyday wear and tear. We perfected our process by sanding and pre-treating the wood until the most common reaction was either “awesome” or “cool”.

Once we had a couple of these made up people started asking us for their own. We would make them for friends and family, nothing big. Soon, friends of friends started asking for them. When that started to happen, PixiWood was born.  Partnering up with our favorite web designer to help us create the website. Pixiwood is still a new company. Fully established in the summer of 2013, we feel we have a lot of potential, just as long as we keep people satisfied. A happy customer is our primary focus.

We created an easy order process for your wood printing needs.

Simply select a size, upload an image and checkout. In a few days your PixiWood print will arrive ready to hang out of the box. Our custom wood printed canvases are backed by over 20 years of printing experience, so you can feel confident knowing that printing is our passion and we stand behind the quality of all our prints. Today PixiWood is a fully functional business with satisfied customers. We’re not the biggest but we don’t want that. We just want to be the best. Printing is our passion and making people happy is in our nature. PixiWood is the perfect combination of both.

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On behalf of everyone at PixiWood we would like to thank all of our customers. Thank you for choosing us, and thank you for your feedback. Without you, the whole journey would never have happened.

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions.