follow url How To Print on Wood?

Printing your photo on wood is easy with PixiWood. Choose your size wood canvas, upload your photo, let us know if you have any special comments, checkout, and everything is good to go! That’s how you print on wood!

tinidazole with out a prescription Why Choose PixiWood?

Woodprints aren’t for every picture – we’ll be the first to say that. Our pictures look the best on photos that are not heavily saturated with color. Why? This allows the grain to show through the print, allowing every print to be a special piece of art to show off. It’s fun, it’s unique and it’s a conversation starter.

buy provigil overnight delivery Why is PixiWood Different?

Every Project that is made by PixiWood is handcrafted from the finest hand selected wood to ensure the best quality. We hand cut, sand, and rout the wood to ensure the best piece. Quality is our goal. We then print with our special fade resistant eco-friendly inks directly to the wood. Printing on wood is our job. We do it well. People like us.

Commitment To Customers

We take pride in our craftsmanship and stand behind all our custom wood printing to make sure you are happy. The PixiWood team members are wood printing enthusiasts. You can trust that your custom wood print will be handled with care and have confidence in its quality. Ordering is easy and we will provide expert help on any special custom wood printing needs you may have.

What’s the Turn Around Time For My Print on Wood?

Since everyday is busy, some more than others, our production times vary. However, please note that our production times range between 7-10 business days. If you need it in a hurry, just ask and we should be able to do something for you. Special products and sizes may take longer.

How Do I Use My Promo Code?

Use your promo code during checkout. Once you apply your promo code you will see the savings before you submit the payment.

What Pictures / Artwork Look Best Printed On Wood?

They all do! But if you really want the wood grain to show through we recommend using a photo that requires light ink coverage. The less ink printed on the wood, the more the wood grain shows through creating that “rustic-antique-organic” look.

Is PixiWood Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Our inks are eco-friendly and our wood is a renewable resource.

What Does The Print Look Like On Wood?

Simply put, the most common answer that we hear is “cool” and we couldn’t agree more. Using wood as a canvas allows the wood grain to show through. The varying character patterns of the wood give a unique rustic almost antique look. Also, since each piece of wood is different, each piece looks different. The wood grain is like a fingerprint and no two are the same.

How Do I Hang My PixiWood Wood Print?

Once you receive your wood print in the mail it is good to go. We cut a groove in the back to allow for easy hanging.

How Do I Take Care Of My PixiWood Print?

PixiWood prints are created in a very unique way. We use a multi-step process that ensures your woodprints are durable and last. Our wood prints are heat and water resistant, so you can use a damp cloth to wipe them if they need it.

What Kind Of Wood Does PixiWood Print On?

We print on 100% All-American Birch. (However, for special projects we can print on any kind of wood you desire).

How Do You Print On Wood?

Well, that’s kind of our own secret. However, we will tell you it took us some time to figure out how to print on wood and make it look so nice. We start by hand selecting premium birch wood. We then sand that wood down so it’s super smooth and pre treat so the ink can adhere durably. We then have a process where we print the ink directly onto the wood. We spent a lot of time trying different techniques and we landed on this process. Our woodprints are hand crafted and are as unique as the pictures that go on them.

What File Types Do We Accept for Wood Printing?

Our website accepts JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PSD or PNG.

What Image Size Works Best for Wood Printing?

A file size of 2 MB or greater is enough for us to make a beautiful woodprint!

What’s The Best Resolution for Printing On Wood?

We like to have all files to be 150 dpi at 100%. If you go lower than this you risk loss in quality of your PixiWood print. If we notice an issue we will work with the photo to get it to the desired size. If we are unable to manipulate the file for a perfect wood print we will let you know.

Can I add Text To My PixiWood Print?

Yes, during checkout please let us know what you would like to do in the “special instructions” space. Let us know the color and what you would like to say. We will then send you a proof for approval.

Can You Do Special Wood Printing Projects?

Yes! We love special projects. We love to Print on Wood. Just email us and we will work with you to develop something awesome.

Return Policy

100% Satisfaction is our goal. Your order is a custom wood print that is created for you. Every order is custom and if for any reason you are unhappy with your PixiWood print, please contact us using the form above or at info@pixiwood.com

We double-check every order along every step of the process to guarantee satisfaction. However, if your order has a flaw or damaged we want to know about it.

We may ask to see photos.

Please reach out to us within 48 hours of arrival to determine the appropriate steps.